AromaTherapy Pendants
by Canadian glass artists Irja Kriegel and Thomas Billings

These beautiful and cleverly designed pendants slowly diffuse essential oils, bathing you in healing aromas wherever you go. The shape traps oils using the same concept as a wasp trap. 
Tip it! Shake it! Turn it upside down! The oil won't come out but the scent will... it seems like magic, but it's pure physics

Each pendant is
handcrafted in Canada by glass artists Irja Kriegel and Thomas Billings of Pixie Glassworks, and each one is a unique work of art. What  a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love! Starting at $21.

There is wonderful artistry and diversity in this product line. This page showcases the variety of styles and colors available.  Pendants are sold with a tiny medicine dropper for easy filling, and packaged in an attractive mesh bag (the better to store the dropper in so you can find it when you need it!)

While we carry an excellent selection of pendants, we do not have absolutely every color of every example shown here. Be assured, there is lots to choose from, and we will work with you to help you choose the perfect pendant! 

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To order a specific pendant from the Pinterest page, please reference the Pinterest description in an email. You will be invoiced via PayPal for your purchase.  

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Before ordering, please check our Pinterest site to see exactly what is in stock. 

If you are ordering more than one pendant, please email first so we can combine shipping for you. 

You can also arrange to pay in $USD, just ask! 

Clear Glass  $23

Crystal clear borosilicate glass... a beautiful way to show off the trapped essential oil and ingenious design. 

Clear with Flower $34

A tiny glass flower adds a special touch to a clear pendant. Flowers available in a variety of colors. 

Clear with Butterfly $34

A tiny glass butterfly adds a special charm to a clear pendant. Butterflies available in a variety of colors.  

Abstract  $30

The colored abstract is one of Pixie Glasswork's most popular designs, and now available in a variety of colors. Each pendant is of course completely unique.

Colorful Stripe $30

These bright and bold pendants are available in a vast array of colors. 

Colored Frit $30

Frit is the name for the tiny shards of glass that are melted into the inside of the pendant. Available in single or multi colors. 

Colored Rake $30

These pendants are colored using the glass technique of raking, and are available in single or multi colors. 

Colored Snake $30

Bright contrasting colors snake around this aromatherapy pendant, creating a design that boasts a lot of color, yet still allows you to see your essential oils inside the pendant. 

Coloured Flower $37

A tiny glass flower adds a special touch to any of the styles of colored pendants. (eg. stripe, rake, frit). 

Clear Sandblasted Design $30

A plain or colored glass pendant is sandblasted with an embedded design.  

Sandblasted Color $34

A colored pendant is further processed with sandblasting to produce a beautiful matte finish.  

Reversal $37

This advanced design is created by reversing the axis on which the pendant is being turned as it is being formed. 

Bubble Glass  $34 (clear)  $37 (cobalt)

These pendants have a very attractive texture, with raised bumps over silver fuming. Unique and distinct! 

Coloured Opal $34

A dazzling Gilson Created Opal highlights this colored Aromatherapy Pendant. Available in four different colors.  

Opal Frit $37

Genuine Gilson Created Opals are encased within this special Aromatherapy Pendant. Elegant, dazzling
and a real eye-catcher!

Dichroic Glass $37

The newest addition to the Pixie Pendants line, these dichroic pendants are spectacular--each one shimmers with peacock-like iridescence. 

Dragon's Egg $34

What could be more fun and appealing than a colourful Dragon's Egg pendant!