Whether you are a massage therapist, an energy worker or other type of healer, the AT Technique has much to offer your practice. A simple yet profound treatment, ATT is easy to learn, easy to administer and offers the same healing power to the practitioner who performs it, as it does to the client receiving it. 

Even so, you do not need to be a practitioner of any kind to take this course--anyone can learn the AT Technique. If you have a family member for whom regular treatments would be a financial difficulty, consider taking the course so that you can offer them the comfort and healing power right in their own home. 

The certification course is a 6-hour training in which you will learn about the essential oils used, as well as the various touch techniques used in the treatment. Throughout the day, you will observe, experience and practice the technique, gaining confidence with each cycle. A practicum requirement must be completed before certification is conferred. 

The course fee includes a manual as well as a full kit of the essential oils and blends required for the technique. The oils you receive will allow you to perform 15 - 20 ATT sessions. 

You will need to bring the following supplies:

--> 2 sheets for the massage table (single size is best)
--> A pillow
--> A small hand towel
--> A hospital-type gown, or front-buttoning top
--> A lunch, or money to purchase lunch
--> Several bottles of water to ensure that you stay
       hydrated during the course. 

Course Instructor

Cynthia Incze is the owner of Oasis Energy Therapy, and is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker. An avid and passionate student of essential oils, Cynthia travels across Canada teaching people how to use these powerful plant extracts as natural medicine. Cynthia was one of the first Canadians to be certified as an ATT practitioner, and quickly moved on to become the first Certified ATT Instructor in Canada. 

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Edmonton, AB

April 25, 2015 

Eventbrite - AromaTouch Technique Certification Course (Edmonton)

Ottawa, ON

May 3, 2015

Eventbrite - AromaTouch Technique Certification Course (Ottawa)

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