Socks   $31.25

Back on Track socks' heat-reflective properties offer significant benefits to people who suffer from poor circulation, especially diabetics. Slip them on, and in moments you will feel the reflected Far Infrared energy warming your hands.

The secret is in the inner liner, which is made from specialty Welltex fabric that is designed to reflect body heat in a Far Infrared wavelength. The shell is a sturdy, grippy fabric that will keep you in great contact with the reins (or steering wheel).  

These gloves are not made of a stretchy fabric, so choose 1.5 - 2 sizes larger than what you would normally wear. 

Fully washable using gentle washing detergent. Air dry. 

Smaller Sizes (if none, choose last item):
Larger Sizes (if none, choose last item):

Keep all your extremities in circulation this winter! Add a Back on Track Wool Cap and a pair of Socks, and you'll be warm and cosy all winter long.