A Real Life "Back on Track" Success

Charm was not quite 9 when she was injured in the hind leg by another horse in her paddock. She was sore for a week or two, but was soon back at work. However, the spot where she was kicked (just above the hock) developed a large, hard swelling. The mass was about the size of a goose egg, and entirely filled the hollow of the hock (see photo below). No one I showed it to had seen anything like it, and I spent a fortune on gels, creams, and ointments to try to reduce the swelling. Nothing worked. Although it did not affect her way of going, I felt terrible that my beautiful mare had such an unsightly blemish.

After she had had the blemish for over a year, I became concerned about it due to some lameness, and had the lump biopsied. The results were returned with the news that it was a "mass of disorganized blood vessels." Commonly caused by blunt force trauma, this type of injury is considered a "surgical disease," curable only through expensive (not to mention risky) surgery. The vet told me that we would just have to live with it.

How I wished that I could bring my HotHouse to the barn for Charm to use! I knew the healing power of Far Infrared, but of course could not imagine how I would use an electrical device on my horse, for the length of time she might need treatment. I did a search on the Internet, and found out about Back on Track products. Reasoning that a $90 investment was cheaper than thousands of dollars for surgery, I bought a set of hock wraps.

In August of 2008, we started wrapping the hock during the day while Charm was in her stall. She quickly grew accustomed to the wrap, and even seemed to like wearing it.

In early January of 2009, I was very excited to find that the hard blemish had become soft and pliable--the first change of any kind that I had seen in over a year and a half. Each time I examined it from that point, the blemish seemed to have diminished. By spring it was almost entirely gone.

I was always confident that Far Infrared is a fantastic therapy, but who better to illustrate this than a horse, who unlike human subjects, had no expectations for the therapy one way or another. It took time, but Charm's "INCURABLE" blemish is GONE. Thank you, Back on Track!

Update: Charm is now wearing a Back on Track mesh blanketand she wears a Back on Track saddle pad every time we work. We are so impressed with the result--her back is more relaxed and supple than it has ever been. Our coach says the blanket is worth a 30 minute warmup! 

Charm's blemish before treatment with Back on Track. 

Charm's blemish after treatment with Back on Track hock brace.