You'll wonder how you lived without these! 

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Roller Tops  

These useful roller tops fit onto standard 5 ml or 15 ml essential oils bottles. Turn any bottle of essential oil into a roll-on, or re-purpose an empty essential oil bottle.  

Now available in a choice of plastic or steel roller ball! 

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Dosage Spray Tops 

If you use essential oils, you can really take advantage of these useful spray tops. Add them to an existing essential oil bottle to deliver a precise 0.14 ml dose. Perfect for wound care! Or, re-purpose an empty essential oil bottle into a purse-sized hand sanitizer or other useful remedy. Other spray tops may look similar, but do not provide the precise dosage that this one does. 


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Personal Inhaler $10

This stylish inhaler looks just like a lipstick case when closed. Inside is a compressed cotton pad within a glass vial. All you need to do is add the essential oil or blend of your choice with the included pipette and pop it into your purse. Beautiful and functional! Because it is a closed chamber, the aroma rarely needs to be refreshed. 

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