As our business has evolved over the years, our focus has changed. We have had incredible results with doTERRA essential oils within our own household, and so have our clients. This part of our business is the most fun and most rewarding... and it's where we are choosing to spend most of our time going forward. While we love the Back on Track and Miron Glass product lines, we will be phasing those out. What we have in stock is all that is available. Please email before ordering, as items that are out of stock will not be re-ordered. Biofeedback sessions will be available on a limited basis. 

Why Miron Glass?

Developed and manufactured in Germany, Miron violet glass utilizes the color healing properties of the violet spectrum. These unique glass containers admit only the violet, ultraviolet A, and infrared wavelengths of light, a unique combination that offers optimal protection against the aging processes triggered by visible light. thereby protecting the life-force and lengthening the shelf life of premium and sensitive substances. These containers are ideal for storing purified or ionized water, essential oil preparations, or sensitive vegetable oils such as olive oil, nut oils, and so on.  

Storage Tests

In order to demonstrate how Miron violet glass protects quality and extends shelf life, a microbiological experiment was carried out with cherry tomatoes. During this test, two cherry tomatoes were stored at room temperature and out of the sun, one in a clear glass container and the other in a Miron glass container. The photograph below was taken at the end of a 7-month testing period. Microbiological changes are clearly observed in the tomato stored in clear glass. The tomato stored in Miron violet glass, however, shows no loss of color and no signs of drying out. 

A similar test was carrier out with dried chives. In this case, clear and brown glass containers were used in addition to the Miron violet glass, and all were exposed to sunlight for 2 months. The photograph shows clearly that the chive samples that were in brown and clear glass have substantially degraded, whereas the sample stored in the Miron violet glass was still fragrant with excellent color. 

In Stock

Large Bottles  


A wonderful (and beautiful) alternative to plastic or steel containers for drinking water. Also ideal for storing extra virgin olive oil or any sensitive, high-energy liquid. Bottles come with a twist-on cap but can be closed with a cork as well. 

The square shape of the 750 ml bottles makes it easy to grip if used as a water bottle. 

Roller bottles

Ideal for creating preparations for topical application with essential oils. The roller-type closure makes it easy to dispense any remedy. Click the picture for inspiring recipes! 

200 ml
Charging Bowl