Saddle Pads

The Back on Track saddle pad is used by many top riders all over the world, and they see remarkable differences in their horses' movement. Helpful for horses with cold and sore backs, it helps keep back muscles loose and supple. It can help accelerate the recovery rate from strenuous exercise. Relieves pain and tension in muscles, while decreasing inflammation and increasing blood circulation. Fabric is interwoven with polypropylene/polyester thread embedded with fine ceramic powder that effectively warms up your horse prior to performing.

Both the dressage and all-purpose saddle pads are available in Black or White. The Western pad is available only in Black. 

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The Contender II Saddle Pad

The most technically advanced saddle pad available in the world today, Contender II creates the perfect amount of heat, stability and shock absorption for both horse and rider. Developed by ThinLine and Back on Track, this pad delivers therapeutic thermal heat from Back on Track's ceramic fabric and shock absorbing properties of performance and comfort from Ultra ThinLine material. 

Contender II pads are available in a Dressage and All-Purpose Square in black and white. 

Top riders react to Contender II: 

"I love the fit and stability that ThinLine brings to this pad," says former US Team rider Betsy Steiner. "The rider's impact is diffused across the horse's back, while the Back on Track fabric increases the blood flow and reduces inflammation during the ride. It is a powerful combination. I also notice that my horses supple more quickly and show improved freedom of movement in the back and shoulders with this perfect marriage of technology." 

Four-time Olympic jumper rider Ann Kursinski also gives the saddle pad high praise. "The combination is simple and eliminates fitting challenges, says Kursinski. Incorporating the Back on Track fabric with the ThinLine shock absorber in a single pad is better for horse and rider. The Back on Track fabric keeps my horse's back soft and relaxed, and the ThinLine pad is great for concussion." 

Olympic medalist Michelle Gibson agrees. "I've started using this saddle pad on 95% of my horses. I like it because the ThinLine pad is thinner than a fleece pad, allowing you to be closer to the horse. Combined with the benefits of Back on Track, this saddle pad is excellent." 

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Dressage Style: Black or White 

All-Purpose Style: Black or White 

Western Style (Black only) 

Top riders worldwide use this thin western saddle pad, remarking how much it improves their horses' movement. Made of polypropylene and Back on Track's state-of-the-art Welltex ceramic fabric, the pad reflects your horse's natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal heat. Tired or sore back muscles experience relief from this soft heat therapy. 

To be used under your regular saddle pad, helping your horse's back muscles loosen, relax, and warm up quickly. The gentle heat increases blood flow, which helps relieve muscle tension and pain. Wonderful for all horses!