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Winter Blanket (Frost)

The Back on Track winter blanket has a tough but breathable, rain-resistant nylon outer fabric. An available neck cover makes this the ideal blanket for the horse that needs complete protection from wind, rain and the cold, while benefiting from the "Back on Track effect" for the whole body's musculature. The blanket has an interior lining of polypropylene infused with ceramic particles as well as an insulating filling of 330 grams. Beautiful, high-quality fittings include double chest buckles (buckle closures), crossing belly surcingles (pop closures) and leg ties. The removable tail flap is equipped with reflectors. Special fabric over the withers minimises the risk of chafing in that area.


Available in blue only


Neck Brace for the Frost Blanket

Add a Neck Brace to your Frost Blanket to achieve the famous "Back on Track effect" on the throat and neck muscles. The neck brace is made of the same fabric as the blanket, and is fastened with carbine hooks to the halter and the blanket. The neck brace fastens with three Velcro straps on the underside of the neck. 

On a personal note, this is the BEST winter blanket I have ever had for my horse Charm. The quality of all of the fittings is superb, and the blanket survived winter horseplay with no tears whatsoever. All winter, Charm had no need to dance at the gate begging to come in from the cold and when it was time to ride, her muscles were already warmed up and her back was relaxed, even on the coldest days. An unexpected side benefit was that the increased circulation from the Far Infrared warmth gave the most beautiful shine to her coat come summer.

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Frost Blanket

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 Frost Neck Brace

Neck Brace Size?

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